Dr. Jonathan A. Truhlar, DC, NMD, CNS


Dr. Truhlar is the founder and Clinic Director of Elan Wellness Integrative Medicine in Aurora. Dr. Truhlar has developed a reputation for his compassionate and caring approach to each of his patient’s healthcare.

Dr. Truhlar founded Elan Wellness in 2005 as the culmination of his studies and passion for helping as many people as possible through natural healthcare.

In addition to his studies in Chiropractic Medicine at Palmer College of Chiropractic, Dr. Truhlar also studied Naturopathic Medicine in order to provide his patients with a comprehensive alternative medicine approach.

Over the past 18 years, Elan Wellness has developed a deep connection to our community and the surrounding area, helping thousands discover health and wellness through integrated medicine. As a passionate healthcare provider, Dr. Truhlar views his patient’s successes as his greatest accomplishments!

When Dr. Truhlar is not enjoying his practice schedule, he is most certainly spending time with his wife and their 7 children which he considers to be his greatest blessings!


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